We at Crown constantly strive to improve our working & ensure that we are able to live up to the commitments we make to our customers, without whom all the above would not have been possible.

In order to that we have 2 Lakh Sq.ft of area divided into various sections like Production , Passing , Packing , Dyeing & Management Section. we aim at maintaining and taking care of the team to develop a healthy environment.

Bathmat – 100 Machines.

We have well equipped Bath mat Production team with skillful laborers to initiate any sort of design may it be Luxury or mass market product.

Pitloom - 80

We maintain a legacy of Unique and Antique items , we have a well furnished section of Pit Loom , to manufacture superior quantity and minimize the lead time for any order.

Terry Toweling

18 x Jacquard Looms and 12 x Dobby Looms , 1 x Shearing Machine , Passing Machine , 25 x JUKI – Stitching Machines , Warping Machine , Cone Winding Machines , Peninsular Drying Tumbler , Proper finishing and Packing section & A testing lab to meet the quality parameters and to uproot the quality standards.

 Terry towels in Solid dyed, whites range for hotels, institutional supplies Cabana Stripes Terry Towels, Jacquard Terry Towels, Pastel, Jacquard Terry Towels, Double Jacquard .Velour Beach Towels, Terry Rugs & SPA Mats, Plain Uni-dyed Terry Towels, Jacquard Terry Wash gloves, Terry Stripes with Dobby Border, Embroidered Terry Towels for promotion, Candy Designs & Color To Color Terry Towels, Dish Cloths in different varieties.

  We are also bringing in in-house soft flow dyeing , 24 Tsudokoma Air Jet Looms , Sizing Machine also to meet up with requirements of customers accordingly ,  we will be enriched by them very shortly in first quarter of 2016.

Dyeing Capacity.

We have a processing department installed with capacity of dyeing 50 tones / Week. 

Piece dyeing – 6 Machines – ( 2 x 1000 kg , 2 x 800 Kg , 1 x 400 Kg & 1 x 200 Kg )

Yarn Dyeing - 6 Machines – ( 2 x 1000 kg , 2 x 600 Kg , 1 x 400 Kg & 1 x 200 Kg )

Tumbler -  6 Machines –( 4  x 200 Kg & 2 x 100 Kg )

Separate  testing labs to ensure the quality standards and to meet the required parameters of buyers.

Chenille Manufacturing Machines.

Giesse Machines – 6 x 350 Kg = 2100 Kg – Daily Production.

Chenille Quality – 5nm to 5mm.

Medical Room

We have a well equipped Medical room along with a Nurse for health care of employees , in case of emergency employees / Laborers can get required medical aid immediately to lower down the effect of any tragedy.

Sampling Section

Our sampling section consist of a team of 7 skilled and educated members to correspond to any sampling requirements of the buyers and Minimize the lead time for it.

Moreover we lay more emphasis here because sampling is the most important part of this industry and we don’t compromise with that for sure.

Designer Studio

We have a designer team with a designer studio which look out for the best possible developments for buyers and develop designs according to their need and wants.

Go Green and Eco Friendly.

In the past few years CROWN has been involved in the Go Green Motive. We currently have a area covering greenery and ETP Plant in our dye house that cleans the disposed off Chemicals, and now we are in the process of setting up a solar energy plant which will have a capacity of 1 MW by Mid 2016..

Quality, Test Labs and compliance

  • Fully Equipped labs and independant QA teams - Raw material tests on yarn, each drum of color & chemicals which help us maintain high and uniform standards for our products.
  • Also the products are tested at third party laboratories for special tests.
  • Maintenance of color continuity records for quality control.
  • Internal Controls through formal Quality Management System (QMS), random audits and training.

Power Backup

We have a power backup for all production units. This ensures an un-interupted production and finishing process. Most of our departments ( Finance, administration, designing etc) are computerised and have 24 hours high speed internet connectivity. This enables free and undisturbed flow of communication within the organisation as well as timely response to our clients.

Internal Capabilities & Resources

A well built factory in Panipat which is spread over a vast area, incorporated with latest technology with all modern equipments
Marketing, Sampling, Shipping department, Accounts and finance are located at our corporate Head Office.



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